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At Stronach Timber Sales we know the importance of having all you need for a project, when you need to use it.

We ensure your order is completed, packed and ready for pick-up at the arranged time.

One pick-up, no frustrating return trips, no delays!

Call, or come in to discuss your requirements today!

Customer Information

Loading & Transporting Timber

Please note that STS staff are happy to assist in loading products onto your vehicle, however it is the CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY to safely secure their load for transport.

IE : STS will not strap and secure loads for you.
If you need any assistance please ask.

STS will not be held responsible for any items that are damaged or cause damage due to any person or property once the vehicle has left the STS site.

Please ensure you bring suitable tie downs, ratchet straps etc to safely secure your purchases for transport.

Robustic Fencing order packed and ready to be collected!
Robustic Fencing order packed and ready to be collected!
Our Brands
We stock a huge range of equipment from all the top brands.