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HOT BLOCKS™ Firewood Briquettes & Kindling

A firewood alternative generated using Tasmanian kiln dried wood waste. 100% natural - no additives or harsh chemicals.

HOT BLOCKS™ Firewood Briquettes and premium Kiln Dried Kindling are made from waste material and reduce landfill!

Firewood Briquettes


A firewood alternative. Our briquettes are made from 100% wood waste and are a brilliant eco friendly solution for heating, entertaining and more.

Suitable for all wood burning appliances, our briquettes are produced with no nasty chemicals or additives. Their compact shape and lightweight design ensure they are easily transportable and take the hassle out of wood burning.

HOT BLOCKS™ Briquettes come in packs of 8 weighing around 8kg in total.

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Kiln Dried Kindling


Make lighting a fire easy. With a super low moisture content and high burn rate, our kindling is the perfect fire starter.

Easy to handle, convenient and with no mess involved - our premium kiln dried kindling ensures you’ll never have to chop wood again.

HOT BLOCKS™ Kiln Dried Kindling comes in easy to carry 4kg packs for your convenience. Just grab a few pieces and you’re ready to go.

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