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Lattice Fence Extensions

Available in both square lattice and woven lattice.

Stronach Timber Industries Fence Extensions easily add height and privacy to your existing or new fences.

Fence Extensions

Sturdily constructed and treated to last, Stronach Timber Industries use heavy duty 35 x 12 mm treated timber and hot dipped galvanized nails (not staples) to ensure quality products.
Available in either Square Lattice or Woven design panels measuring approximately 2.4 m long x 0.6 m high with actual measurements of 2.395 m long x 0.57 m high, our fence extensions are not only practical but good looking too!

Woven Lattice Fence Extension

Square Lattice Fence Extension

Square Lattice Fence Extension                              

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Product Details

Approximate Standard MeasurementsActual Standard Measurements
2.4 m x 0.6 m2.395m x 0.57m
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